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Online Counter - help you to count something and not get lost or just use the counter for fun!

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Online Counter

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In order to use the online counter for its intended purpose - you have to click on the big green button with your computer mouse. Each time you press, you will see the numerical value increase by "+1". It's counting. At any time, after the received result or after it, you can reset the counter readings and start counting again. To do this, click the "Reset Counter" button. It is a very handy application and tool. But what is he for?

Online Counter - What is it?

An online counter is needed to count a large number of interesting types of objects or human-related actions. What actions can generally be associated with a person? Well, for example, sports exercises and repetitions - push-ups, pull-ups, and others. Also, you can use its capabilities for a tallie counter. In general, you can find a large number of options for trying on - from the simplest counting of objects or equipment, to counting the repetitions of sports activities. Bookmark us to always have access to the counter!