Kohi Click Test

Kohi Click Test

Kohi Click Test

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Kohi CPS - What is it?

The abbreviation stands for "clicks per second." How much times people can click on the mouse button in 1 second or a few seconds. In addition to clicks per second, in other words, they also train clicks in a few seconds - these can be any other values..

What is the Kohi Click Test?

CPS plays a huge role in minecraft. The faster the player puts the blocks - the steeper he will be able to build his shelter in a short time. During PVP, this plays a fundamental role. It makes no sense to send players to train on little-known sites, now there is a generally accessible stable platform that can easily cope with all the requests.

Often, the "simulator" can be adjusted for yourself, because on the top is a panel with timings, where everyone can choose a convenient time for themselves.

It is strongly recommended not to dwell on 1 or 10-second options, because then the exhaustion of the hand will not be taken into account (the longer you click, the more it gets tired, which cannot but affect the speed). Kohi click test will help you become a top player!

In addition to various trainings for online games, you can use the click test to play or to compete with your friends - who will make as many clicks as possible in a certain amount of time.

Quick Kohi Test Methods

A world record was once set: more than 1,000 clicks in 10 seconds. After that, many became interested in accelerated click techniques. It is important to distinguish between the final goal: a high figure in the click test or high performance during a game session? For example, if the choice fell on the first option, you can put 2 fingers of one hand over the button and quickly alternately press. It will be about 2 times faster, but in practice it will be extremely difficult to apply such a skill, after all, games often require either thoughtful clicks or quick clicks, but with aiming, which is impossible with this technique.

If we talk about simple tips that will help to set a record in kohi click test: it is important to conveniently position your hand, your wrist should be relaxed, nothing should distract you.

In order to keep your arm as relaxed as possible during the training process, it is best to use a mat with a small pad (for the same wrist). This will help to ensure maximum relaxation and focus directly on the clicks, and not that the hand is tired of being in the same position and it's time to change it.

Of course, it is better to use a professional gaming mouse. It is easy to distinguish gaming mouse and the office mouse: often it has a bright design and a large number of RGB-backlights. That's true, a similar device will cost a little more. For that, it will be much more pleasant to work with it, at least due to the fact that it is designed in a beautiful design, and at the most thanks to the pleasant ergonomics that are customary follow in the production of professional models. Most brands try to make mice universal, so finding something for your hand will not be so difficult.

Why is it worth observing the measure?

By itself, the kohi click test and regular training will not bring harm, but if you don’t know the measures and press the same button every day for several hours, problems can really appear. Human joints are not designed for this kind of activity, which entails negative consequences. This is the same as taking 2 sticks and rubbing them together. Nothing will happen. But if you rub them with intense speed, for many, many hours, and every day - they will be erased.

The conclusion from this is simple: you need to know the measure and do everything wisely. In this case, no problems should arise. They are possible only with truly inadequate training sizes.