Jitter Click Test

Jitter Click Test

Jitter Click Test

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Jitter click test - what is it?

CPS - is a number that says how many times a person can click a button in 1 second. This indicator is very important for gamers.

How to start the Test?

In order to start the training, it is enough to follow simple recommendations:

  • Click the Jitter Click Test tab.
  • The mouse cursor needs to be squared - this is the work area.
  • After the first click, the countdown starts (you can choose the timings yourself). Depending on the type of test you can pause it. You need to make as many clicks as possible.
  • After the time you see your result, depending on the test mode - the system can remember your record.

  • Regular click test jitter using will help to pump your skills to the maximum and become the best players in minecraft and other games!

    Also, in addition to training or competing in click speed with friends, you can use this site for entertainment. You can have a good time and have fun.

    Can a jitter click test hurt?

    If you use the system for its intended purpose - of course not, it's just a clicker. But if abused, troubles can arise. In fact, this applies to any sphere and any direction. If a person does not have a sense of proportion, there will be negative consequences. Here they can be represented by fingers and joints which were not prepared that their owner to click a button at maximum speed for several hours.

    In order to avoid stupid problems, it is enough not to go crazy and spend a moderate amount of time on the clicker. A convenient arrangement of the hand (it should be relaxed) will help to delay fatigue, and correct posture will prevent problems with bones.

    If you do everything correctly and regularly engage in such tests, you can easily become one of the best. No one will have the same quick reaction as you. This cannot but affect the result of any competition.