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Click Test per 1 Second

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How to increase clicks per second

In order for a gamer to play and win, he must be able to quickly and deftly use his computer mouse. Sites with click test help determine the presence of this skill. But what if the result is not satisfied and you want to achieve higher performance? To do this, just follow a few simple tips:

  • Do not overdo it with training. You don’t need to press the same button continuously for several hours every day, you’ll get tired of it, and the desire to develop your CPS will disappear very quickly. In the worst case, any health problems will begin due to the many hours of performing an absolutely monotonous action. Of course, a game session can be long, but there certainly does not need to be clicked 100 times in 5 seconds. In practice, we often need 1-2 clicks per second.
  • Try to keep your brush relaxed, this will help you not get tired so quickly. It is best to use a soft pad.
  • Professional gaming mice will definitely be able to give a head start and improve the result.

  • Compliance with these recommendations will help not only increase your productivity, but also avoid potential health problems. If you spend many hours in a stationary state and make an absolutely identical movement - there will be nothing good, it is important to always know the measure.

    What click speed should you strive for

    Many beginners are wondering, how many clicks should I do in click test 1 second? In fact, there are no fixed norms, there are only small recommendations that state that you should try to strive for + - 70 clicks in 5 seconds.

    Although some people manage to make 50 or even 100 during this time! True, in practice, such a speed is often not useful anywhere. Typically, these indicators are achieved solely in order to break record and show off to friends. If we talk about clicks in 1 second, the optimal indicator will be approximately 10 clicks.