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Clicker Test - What is it?

The number of clicks per second is an indicator that demonstrates the dexterity of mouse possession. To upgrade your skill in games, you can use clicker test. The principle of operation is simple: the user tries to click on mouse as many times as possible in the allotted time (from 1 second to 100 seconds).

There are many factors affecting the CPS index: from the professionalism of the equipment used to the banal quick fatigue of the hand (for relatively long tests, if you continuously press 60 or even 100 seconds - the speed starts to fall). The second problem is not difficult to eliminate, for this it is enough to train regularly. Initially, a person does not need a professional mouse, he does not even know what is its difference from the usual one. When the skill grows, knowledge in this area will also increase. When it is possible to achieve not bad results, it will be possible to identify a good / bad mouse in a few seconds (using the same clicker test).

Why increase the CPS?

As mentioned earlier, it is of paramount importance to pump skills to gamers. Consider the utility of high skill on several games: Minecraft, Dota 2, and CS: GO. In DotA and CS, the speed of the reaction is a fundamental factor, it depends on it the possibility of victory. Some tournaments feature items that cost tens or even hundreds of dollars. Raising the CPS should not be missed, becoming the most dexterous player is much easier!

In Minecraft, the main task of the player is to create beautiful buildings. After numerous training on clicker tests, it will be much easier to build. Winning the build battle is now not so difficult, and pvp will be for relaxation! When a person is trained, he will be able to receive rare items that people strive for weeks, in a few seconds, in a fair battle.

The maximum record

The biggest record was just over 1,000 clicks in 10 seconds. Of course, the value was recorded using professional gaming equipment and only thanks to the enormous amount of training on clicker tests. A person who has managed to achieve such figures is most likely not afraid of any competitions and fights.

Do I have a good clicker result?

Norms, as such, do not exist. If we talk about approximate numbers - the norm is 70 - 90 clicks in 5 seconds. Such a value will be sufficient to ensure that mouse skills allow you to perform all ordinary tasks in games. The upper bar, of course, does not exist. Here you can strive for infinity. Well, or to breaking the world record.

It is important not to forget about the Roller Test, because the wheel often plays an equally important role than the right / left mouse buttons. If you achieve good results with any use of the mouse, the victory in games and battles will definitely be yours!

How to increase click speed?

The answer is obvious: spend as much time as possible on clicker test. Over time, such skills will not go anywhere; professionalism in new clicker games will be acquired faster and faster.

Using a gaming mouse is also recommended. It is not difficult to find one: they are in almost all stores with computer equipment, and their design stands out significantly. It is customary to supply a gaming mouse with a beautiful RGB backlight and a large number of colors, buttons and indicators.

Using the laptop’s trackpad as an alternative is strongly discouraged: these are different devices. No matter how quickly you can click on the trackpad, you won’t be able to play a shooter on it. Because of this, pumping the cps on it becomes a little useless activity. And to achieve a high result will be very difficult, it is at least very inconvenient. Even on the trackpad of the macbook, which is praised by almost everyone who has touched it at least once, such an act will not be entirely appropriate.