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Click Test - this test will help you train your CPS speed (Clicks per Second) in order to win in online games, and you can just have fun with your friends!


Click Test

Click test

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What is the click test for?

CPS - the number of clicks per second, an indicator that is determined using click test.

First of all, such skills attract gamers for whom each click can be decisive and bring enormous losses, or vice versa, the most valuable property, which can then be sold even for real money! For example, some skins in CS: GO can be sold for tens and hundreds dollars!

Previously, in order to knock out a decent loot from the enemy, you had to train for months and sacrifice your own account. Now you can develop manual dexterity and speed response several times easier: use the click test, and then practice regularly. When the speed is already developed to a relatively large indicator - you can go into the game and hone battle tactics directly. Especially when it comes to major tournaments.

A similar situation is with Dota 2 or Minecraft. A good click speed makes it possible to build very quickly, which is essentially the main task in the game. A person with a low CPS will build something simple for dozens of hours, while a trained player will erect the walls of his fortress in a matter of hours, which will significantly exceed the buildings of team makers in everything. In PVP, you can get items that are done for several weeks or even months. But for this it’s enough just to train your hands. Of course, one could just make decent armor and weapons, but during the next transition to a new server, this will all be lost, and your skills will remain until the end of your life.

Which click indicator is considered large?

Often, the system itself writes comments about the result. A normal (good) result is about 70 clicks in 5 seconds. This will be enough to enter any arenas and compete with rivals. Someone comes to 150 or even 200 clicks in 5 seconds!

During the first tests, this may seem like something on the brink of science fiction, but with the acquisition of practice, the user will understand that such indicators are real, moreover, this is not even the limit. But it's hard.

World record

For the first time, it might seem that there will be a small number of people watching the cps index. In fact, many perceive this as a separate game or a type of cyber sport, which gives rise to truly crazy records. It's hard to believe, but the world record is more than 1,000 clicks in just 10 seconds. Of course, it was set using a professional mouse and after years of training on click tests.

Of course, the average user does not even need such results. Standard results, which are 70 - 90 clicks in 5 seconds.

How to increase your speed?

The algorithm for pumping this skill is simple: you need to choose your favorite site and devote as much time as possible to training. It is better to use a professional mouse It is important to understand that RGB lighting does not yet make the device gaming. It could just be a design element. Most importantly, technical specifications, not appearance. It is because of this that some devices can cost 10 times more than those that look about the same.

It is equally important to change modes. On most click tests, there is a panel where you can select the test speed. Most often it is from 1 to 100 seconds. Change is important due to the fact that over time the user's hand gets tired, which entails a decrease in speed. If you train a lot, fatigue will come later, while productivity will decrease less. Fortunately, click test are free and allow you to test your strength unlimited times.

In addition to various trainings for online games, you can use the click test to play or to compete with your friends - who will make as many clicks as possible in a certain amount of time.