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Click Test per 60 Seconds

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What about click test per 60 seconds?

Clicks test 60 seconds is one of the most difficult tests for determining CPS. An indicator is determined so that a person who decided to use the test has the opportunity to pump his gaming skills. It’s much better to hone the technique right away, and then just adjust the tactics. Theoretical knowledge alone is never enough. A click test of 60 seconds is at the top of the panel and approaches one of the longest. Many people have a question, why spend a whole minute or even one and a half, if there are click tests in a second or two?

Features of clicks in 60 seconds

Due to the fact that the test lasts quite a long time after the start, the person manages to get tired. We always start much more vigorously than we finish, this is normal. It is impossible not to slow down when physical fatigue takes over. This is exactly what the click test for 1 minute is designed for. It determines the objective result that will be relevant during gaming tournaments.

How to pass a click test for 1 minute and not get tired?

The presence of fatigue is a normal reaction of the body. To do this, it is quite comfortable to equip your workspace. A person should be comfortable, his hands should be relaxed.

A very large role is played by the quality of the mouse. If this is an expensive gaming model that has well-thought-out ergonomics that have been developed for a long time, the result will be clearly better than if you are holding an ordinary office mouse.

So it is not recommended to abuse and sit over the test for too long - 10-15 minutes is more than enough. In longer loads, there is no point.

In addition to training game skills and click speed, you can use this site to compete with friends or just to have a great free time!