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Click Test per 30 Seconds

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About Click test 30 seconds

A click test in 30 seconds is a much more serious test, because here the hand will get tired several times stronger. It is one thing to press a button for several moments, another to do it for half a minute. This test trains endurance and patience in addition to reaction from its users. Reaction is certainly an important element of any fight. But, if you think about it, the last 2 points play an equally important role. Thanks to them, it is often possible to build a competent strategy and defeat even the most inveterate and hated enemy, which previously seemed invincible. Clicks in 30 seconds will provide an opportunity to find out how you will work not only at the start, but also at the finish, and this is very important.

How to achieve maximum results? Speed clicks

If the main goal is to break the record, you can use the following advice: put 2 fingers above the mouse button, then in turn press it as quickly as possible. Thus, clicks will occur 2 times more often than if you just poked with one finger. To get tired of the hand in this scenario will also be slower, because the load is relatively evenly distributed between 2 fingers, and not 1.

But this makes no sense if the goal is to increase the reaction skill for future gaming sessions. In this scenario, it is better to just take care of convenience. The most important rule is that the brush should be relaxed because the hand will get tired. In no case do you need to keep your hand on the weight, this certainly will not work out anything good.

In general, everyone’s tactics are individual, you cannot give a single algorithm that will help everyone and everyone. The problem is that for someone it’s convenient, for someone it’s completely different. A click test for 30 seconds will provide an opportunity to understand what level you are actually at. How to raise the result is up to everyone to decide for themselves, the main thing to remember is that there is nothing impossible and with due desire, you can even reach hundreds of clicks per 30 seconds!