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Click Test per 2 Seconds

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Is enough 2 seconds click test to determine CPS?

The CPS Test index plays a huge role in the life of an active computer user. In order for the work (or game) to be more productive - you need to be able to quickly perform assigned tasks. Good reaction and sleight of hand will contribute to this. Clicks in 2 seconds is a well training, it is quick and convenient, but is this time enough to determine an objective result?

During a real game session, it is very rare to have to really do a lot of taps in a couple of moments, so it’s not at all necessary to bring yourself to fatigue with a 100-seconds check.

How to achieve maximum results if the click test is 2 seconds?

Many people simply do not have time to accelerate, and because of this, the average figure is lower than, for example, a 10-seconds version. But all these trainings and tests are aimed precisely at improving the reaction so that a person can complete the task in an instant. A click test in 2 seconds allows you to develop the maximum reaction.

In order to get the best possible result - do not forget about amenities. It is convenient to sit down, relax your hands - this is what you must do before each training. This helps not only to increase your indicator, but also to exclude the possibility of developing potential health problems.

It is strongly discouraged to train your skills on a bed or sofa. The result can be significantly worse than a person sitting at the table.