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Click Test per 15 Seconds

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About Click test 15 seconds

In order to become the top player, you no longer need to spend tens of hours pumping skills in the game. All this can be significantly accelerated if you just use the click test. CPS test 15 seconds is a good training, because here the hand will already have time to get a little tired, in contrast to the length of one second check. Thanks to this, you can get pretty objective data that is not far-fetched. The fact is that for the first 5-10 seconds we can poke at incredible speed, but then the hand starts to get tired, the speed drops significantly. That is why you need to look at the average. If we started running at a speed of 20 km / h - this does not mean that we can run like this all the time.

How exactly can this help during the game?

For example, take one of the most popular games in the world - Minecraft. If a person can quickly put blocks - he will erect his building much faster. But this is not even the main thing. During PVP (combat mode), you can knock out things that are done over several weeks or even months. On some projects, they can even be sold for real money. Clicks test 15 seconds will make it possible to destroy the enemy before he has time to blink. Here, at least on most servers, firearms are not used, fights take place on swords. The winner is the one who manages to make more hits. And more hits, for obvious reasons, will be made by a player who has been training on clicks for 15 seconds for several days in a row. If you train at smaller timing, the result may not be so accurate. And the arm in the end will get very tired, especially when you consider that often people train in several approaches.

By the way, one of the minecraft servers created his own test and posted it on the official website, since the administration agrees with the opinion that the CPS is an important thing that can really determine the winner.