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Click Test per 100 Seconds

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Longest click test - 100 seconds

Clicks test in 100 seconds is a real challenge. Here, you can check your endurance and find out how quickly you gets tired, how quickly productivity starts to fall. Small and quick checks can never give such a result, and medium ones may not show it completely.

How to reduce fatigue?

If it was decided to practice on clicks in 100 seconds, it is best to take care of your convenience. The first thing to consider is that the brush should be relaxed. Otherwise, a person will get tired not even from the fact that he performs the same mechanical action continuously, but your hands just get tired. A hand can simply begin to hurt and will have to do it all over again. In order to prevent this from happening, it is recommended to use mats with special pads for the brush. Thanks to this, fatigue will not come so quickly, but the result will be several times more objective.

It is also equally important to use a gaming mouse. Manufacturers of budget office products are not so much worried about the quality and convenience of customers. Defining such a mouse is not difficult, it almost always stands out in bright colors and beautiful lighting. Thanks to this, the hand will not hurt, the work will be several times more productive.

One of the most important tips is that you never need to use the laptop’s trackpad in the hope that this is not a bad alternative that could be used for one reason or another. The devices are very different and such training will not lead to anything, because they even have different control methods. In addition, to use jitter test, no need to keep the brush on weight, which will certainly affect the final result.

In general, a click test in 100 seconds is the most objective and accurate. The most important thing is not to overdo it or abuse it.

If you are not interested in training click speed for games, you can use our site to have fun or compete in click speed with your friends!