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Click Speed Test

Click Speed Test

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What is the click speed test for?

Click speed test, designed to determine the capabilities of your gaming mouse and pumping sleight of hand. Thanks to regular passing, a person can easily become a professional gamer. In 90 percent of games, a tournament consists in timely pressing a combination of right and left mouse buttons, if you learn to do it quickly or even instantly. There are several modes on the site, thanks to which everyone can customize the system for themselves and train in a convenient rhythm.

How to test a mouse?

In addition to the obvious advantage during gaming sessions, a click speed test makes it possible to determine the quality of the mouse. It's simple: if a person calmly reaches a specific indicator while working with a normal device, then when using a low-quality, his productivity can be reduced. In order to buy a good mouse in the store, you can open any click on the speed test and see if you can get the standard result.

It’s best to use at least a 30 seconds mode. 1 or 10 seconds may not be enough. In addition, it is recommended to check several times, because the "pitfalls" may not come out immediately. Thus, a click speed test becomes not just a place where you can poke aimlessly in the hope that this will help in the future, but also a good service for determining the potential of the mouse.

The gaming device, first of all, must be professional. Unfortunately, some companies forget about this.

How to start a speed click test game?

In order to start a click speed test, just follow a simple algorithm:

  • Select a mode.
  • Move the cursor over the field for verification.
  • Try to make as many clicks as possible.
  • Repeat the action several times, because the result may vary at least due to the fact that your hand gets tired. This is also important to consider.

  • After several attempts, the result will be clear. You can set yourself the bar and go in every few days and spend a little time on such a training.

    Available Modes

    On most services that provide click tests for speed, there is a panel where you can select the mode and timing. For a better understanding, you should familiarize yourself with each of them:

  • Click Speed Test - standard.
  • Kohi Test - a feature of this mode is that it is located directly on the minecraft project server. The administration understands that such a practice can greatly facilitate the game, so it was decided to add a click speed test directly to your site.
  • Clicker Test - the same click test mode.

  • In addition, the user can choose the time during which he will have to click. Services often provide options from 1 to 100 seconds.

    Could it do any harm?

    Yes, maybe if you don’t know the measures. Friction of joints above the limit can negatively affect their condition. If you train for several minutes once every few days - the harm is absolutely excluded. The main thing is simply not to bring everything to the point of absurdity.

    In order to reduce the risks of negative consequences, it is recommended to use rugs with a small wrist pad: this will help to relax it, removing constant tension.

    Well, of course, it’s better to work out a bit in the morning and in the evening than to sit as long as possible. Excessive stay at the computer can adversely affect posture if all the rules are not followed. Also not the most pleasant scenario. But, if you follow all the rules and know the measure - the problems are completely excluded.

    What are the results worth striving for?

    The optimal value is from 70 to 90 clicks per second. Of course, the larger the indicator, the better, but this will be enough to easily cope with most of the tasks posed to the average user.

    It is not necessary to try to break world records, for a regular game it is absolutely not necessary. An exception is perhaps participation in truly large tournaments, where each player is a professional in his field, sitting at expensive equipment.