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CPS Test - Check your CPS (Clicks per Second) and train your skill for your favorite games, or compete with your friends in click speed!


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CPS TEST - What is it?

CPS Test - the number of clicks per second, an indicator that helps to determine how many times the user can click the button for a certain period of time.

For objectivity, it is recommended to use 10-seconds or even 2-seconds tests, because the result can be very different from each other.

Here several factors influence at once: it may be that a person’s hand gets tired too quickly, and maybe the mouse’s potential is simply not enough to gain high productivity in games (this is where the skills of using a mouse can often be useful).

To determine your click speed, there are CPS test.

To get an objective result on click speed, we recommend that you use the site version for computers. It helps to get an objective result and find out your abilities. It is also recommended to abstain from using the laptop trackpad.

Why train click speed?

CPS test is intended primarily for gamers. For example, in Minecraft, if a person has a high CPS, it will not be a problem for him to erect the walls of a beautiful castle in a few hours. It will be much easier to get valuable loot during PvP.

In fact, this applies to almost all games, because the battle system is similar everywhere - often these are mouse clicks with preliminary aiming. Now you don’t need to lose precious items to improve your skill, because you can use the service, which will not only help you learn your abilities, but will also become an excellent platform for regular training.

CPS test will help an office worker. Of course, here it is not as significant as in the gaming field, but speed possession of the mouse does not hurt anyone.

In the era of total computerization, it is important to be able to react in time. For example, if we talk about freelance exchanges, the task is more likely to be received by the one who quickly clicks on the corresponding buttons and puts all the checkmarks to put a new task :)

Besides the fact that you can train in click speed, you can also arrange a competition with friends - who clicks a button faster? Or on our site you can just have a fun free time!

Determining mouse potential

Even with the help of the click test, you can find out the potential of the gaming mouse. Now if the device is lit - it is already called gaming. This statement is fundamentally wrong, because the main thing is the technical characteristics.

How to start CPS Test?

In order to start CPS Test, you need to use a simple algorithm:

  • Launch the game and continuously click
  • If a 10-seconds mode has been selected, multiply the result by 5 seconds (1-second - 60 (1 minute test), etc.).
  • The result is obtained, now you can pump your skills and raise it higher and higher! Often the number of attempts is unlimited, which allows you not to worry about a sudden offer to buy a paid version without the ability to continue comfortable use of the service.

  • During cps tests, it is important to remember that the trackpad is not a mouse, the results can vary significantly.

    Modes of speed test

    It has already been mentioned that the game has several modes. It is worth disassembling each of them.

    Click Speed Test is a standard clicks per second test. On the top you can see a panel with numbers: 1, 2 seconds, 5, 10, 20, ..., 100. By clicking on the indicator of interest, you can select the test time.

    Sometimes the question arises: “Why should I click the whole 100 seconds, if I can determine the average value even by the one?”. The problem is that after 20-30 seconds the user's hand will begin to get tired, which cannot but affect productivity.

    Roler Speed Test. The system of work is almost identical, the user will be given the same field in which he can train and see his result after the specified time. The unit of measurement used here is pixels per second. It's like a treadmill, stop or slow down - you fall (the result is reset).

    Kohi Features

    Kohi CPS Test is a special mode. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the main platform is the minecraft server site. As mentioned earlier - a large number of clicks per second makes life easier for the inhabitants of minecraft game.

    The administration took this into account and it was decided to add a click test directly to the official website of the project!

    Thanks to regular training, everyone will be able to improve their skills in top computer games without causing any harm to their character / game property. After all, now it’s not necessary to take risks, you can safely train agility and reaction speed on online platforms.

    Good luck in training your click speed!